My love of vinyl.

I have been obsessed with getting my own record player ever since I saw my parents’ record collection coming down from our attic a few years ago. A year ago last Christmas this dream of mine came true, along with the start of my very own record collection. To me, a record is one of […]

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The Wombats: 10 Years On

One of my all time favourite albums turns 10 this year (!!!), and I still can’t quite believe it, so today I’ve decided to reminisce. The Wombats’ debut album ‘A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation’  was released in 2007. Although I didn’t discover the band until I was 15, 5 years after the initial […]

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My Blog: Music

Why did I choose music for my blog? Music is probably the one topic I feel most comfortable writing about. I have been a musician all my life and when it comes to it I just understand it and  know what’s going on. With Mum being Irish and Dad being Welsh,  and both coming from […]

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